Social, ethics and transformation

The Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee is a sub-committee of the board operating in compliance with the Companies Act. The committee assists the directors in monitoring the group’s activities relating to sustainability, ethics, stakeholder engagement, empowerment and transformation.

The group qualified for inclusion in the JSE Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index for a fourth successive year in 2015. The SRI Index is acknowledged as the benchmark of sustainability and recognises listed companies for incorporating sustainability practices into their business operations. The SRI Index covers environmental, social, governance and related sustainability issues as well as climate change.

Responsibilities of the committee

Social and ethics



Composition and functioning

The committee comprises three non-executive directors, namely Professor Fatima Abrahams (Chairperson), Hilton Saven and Alan Smart, and an executive director, Johan Enslin. Senior management in the human resources, merchandise, socio-economic development and risk departments attend by invitation. Biographical details of the committee members appear here. The effectiveness of the committee is assessed as part of the annual board and committee evaluation process.

The members of the committee believe that the group is substantively addressing the issues required to be monitored by the committee in terms of the Companies Act.


The group supports the principles and objectives of broad-based BEE contained in the DTI Codes of Good Practice on B-BBEE. The board acknowledges its oversight role in driving transformation and empowerment across all seven elements of the DTI scorecard.

The group was assigned a level four B-BBEE contributor status in April 2015, which has been verified by AQRate, an accredited empowerment rating agency.

The group is pleased to report that for the 2017 financial year, a level eight contributor status was achieved, which has been verified by AQRate.

BEE element Weighting 2017 2016
Equity ownership 25 7.46 6.65
Management control 19 7.89 7.84
Skills development 20 17.21 13.65
Enterprise and supplier development 40 18.73 8.4
Socio-economic development 5 5.0 5.0
Total score   56.29 41.54
Final B-BBEE status   Level eight Non‑compliant

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