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Customer service

If you have an enquiry or issue you wish to discuss with us related to your service satisfaction as a customer through the following trading brands Lewis, Best Home and Electric, My Home and Beares:

Please call us on our customer service toll free number: 0800 228 444

Or email us at customersupport@lewisgroup.co.za

Or simply complete and submit the following customer support form:

Fields marked with a * are required.

Personal details:

    Account details:

    Contact details:

    This email is in reference to:

    Lewis storesBest home and electricMy homeMonarch insuranceBearesGeneral

    If it is an account related query please select from the following:

    General – address amendments, cancellation requests, credit application denied, credit enquiry (OTB)Insurance claims/benefits – theft, death, retrenchment, accidental damageDisputes/enquiries – arrears/balance, cancellation/exchange, clearance of interest, contractCredit bureau/legal – credit bureau queries/enquiries, administration, disputes

    Or select from:

    Merchandise – advertised goods not available, faulty, damaged, non-deliveryServices – promo offers not honoured, staff conduct – good/bad, free gifts, auto messagingGeneral – mailing queries, other