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Report fraud or unethical behaviour

Whistle Blowing Hotline

If any employee or stakeholder wants to report suspicious or unethical conduct in the Group, they are encouraged to contact Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous.

Tip-off information can be provided through various contact mediums, including a unique toll-free number, e-mail address, https://www.tip-offs.com/MakeReport.aspx, SMS text message (Deloitte will return your call), fax or post.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee, customer, supplier, manager or shareholder – now you can report fraud and inappropriate activities within Lewis Group in a safe, confidential and secure way.

Contact the Tip-offs Anonymous free hotline as follows:

South Africa:      0800 005 323
Namibia: 0800 003 313 | 08191847
Botswana: 0800 600 644 (BTC)
  1144 (Orange)
  71119602 (Mascom)
Eswatini: 8007006
Lesotho: 80022055
Fax: 0800 007 788 (SA only)
SMS: +27 31 560 7395
  32840 “SMS please call me”
  (SMS rates apply, SA only)
FreePost: KZN 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320
E-mail: lewisgroup@tip-offs.com
Website: www.tip-offs.com


Don’t support it! Report it!